The world of Arcadia exists of mostly open skies, small floating islands, and two known floating continents. Arcadia also shelters six unorbiting moons, each of different color: Silver, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, and Yellow. The technological era is during the Industrial Revolution in our time: Black powder guns are primitive, but are gaining prevalence over blades and bows, and steam power drives most ships through the bountiful skies. Oceans of water have not been known to exist for millennia. The term now applies to vast areas of open sky.

Campaign: This campaign was modeled after a video game. I take no credit for the content.

Fantasy: Steam engines are not fired with wood, but with ignited Moon Stones; meteorites that plentifully fall from the moons. Moon Stones have been integrated into nearly every aspect of life in Arcadia: Religion, food and beverage, technology, and weaponry. Newly motorized ships are powered solely by burning moon stones, while all but the most technologically advanced inhabitants rely on the winds to get them from one isle to the next. But most of the common person’s ships contain a small enough engine to allow the boat to simply float in the air. Geography: Below all islands, about a mile down, is a place called Deep Sky: a location of immense pressures that will crush humans as well as most ship hulls. The opposite direction, above a certain altitude, has never been explored, as there are no winds that blow upward, and there is not enough air to fuel a steam ship. Another anomaly that exists in Arcadia is the sky-rift: a windfall (as opposed to a waterfall), that if flown into, will drag most ships into Deep Sky. Sky rifts form the barriers that sailors use to define various oceans, and kingdoms use them to define what sky is theirs beyond their continents. There are two such known kingdoms: The Empire of Valua and The Kingdom of Nasr.

Nations: Their capitols reside directly under the Yellow and Red moons respectively. Valua is known to most as a cruel empire obsessed with only expanding her territory with its massive navy. Nasr is a nation of merchants and traders with armed forces that pale in comparison to Valua’s. To be metaphorical, the climates, leadership, environments, and cultures of the two nations resemble Europe and the Middle East, respectively, of the Victorian Era.

Party: You all are air pirates, but a brand of pirates that mirror Robin Hood known as Blue Rogues. You live on what you call Pirate Isle. On any map, it is known as Windmill Isle for its large windmill in the center. Shape wise, it is a rough hemisphere with a diameter of 300 feet. The inhabitants of the island live as an extended family, and live off of what little they farm, and what lot they pillage from the Valuans or Black Pirates. The Dyne family is this generation’s head clan, and the island’s ship, the Albatross, is kept inside of the hollowed-out island. The Albatross is a quintessential pirate ship: Twenty guns, triple masted, and 200ft. in length.

Characters: 1st level character. Use any materials published by WotC that you like. If you want to use something else, contact me first. The firearms rules are strait out of DMG 145. Attributes-Use the High Power point buy from DMG 169. Max out your starting gold, deduct 15g, and add to your inventory “Adventurer’s Kit”. The same as on PHB2 215. (Plus a few other goodies that you might need) Weight 20lbs, location backpack. I’d prefer not to bother with encumbrance, but if you want to push it, go ahead.

Endless Skies